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In a field where one would assume it’s all been done before, the author really produced something unique: contemporary Masonic criticism. You get presented and clarified all the major issues of present day’s Freemasonry without the long, pretentious, and boring treatises which sit on the shelves collecting dust.

In fifty-two mini essays, the author provides the proverbial “food for thought” for each week in a year: to question, to think, to contemplate, and share doubts. From an original thinker and lecturer on Freemasonry, this provocative compendium must be in the library of every Mason. It is an invitation to engage in an open dialogue with the author and with the fellow brothers in the lodge.

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"The way the author addresses masonry is refreshing. His European background brings a much needed cultural context to masonry which is relatively new in this part of Canada. Masonry as a way of thinking."
Dale Graham
WM, Templum Lucis Lodge
"W. Bro. Horvath has an excellent reputation for being a very astute Masonic scholar and researcher and when W. Bro. Horvath says or writes something, one pays strict attention. If any brother wishes to broaden their Masonic horizons, then "Weekly Masonic Doubts" is an excellent place to start."
Allison Growling
WM, Mercer Wilson Lodge
"Reading W. Bro. Istvan Horvath's book "Weekly Masonic Doubts", I realized that it broadened my thinking of Masonry that I have not considered in the past. By doing so, I internally challenged some of those old personal views and traditions." "
Thomas A. Wills 33ᵒ,
Lieutenant Grand Commander A.A.S.R. of Freemasonry of Canada
"The book was not at all what I was expecting. But, I loved it. I really, really, like the idea that it gives Brothers guided topics for their own individual contemplation, and I think it a superb way of educating Masons. I was also quite impressed with the topics selected for that contemplation."
Cameron M. Bailey
Past Grand Master, Washington
"I like the style and the thought provoking chapters - in fact I can see me writing short lectures round many of the topics using the book's prose as the basis of the lectures for our brethren..."
Mark Walton
Deputy Grand Master, Hungary
Weekly Masonic Doubts cover
VOOSA Lectures presented by István

VOOSA = Virtual Order of Sapere Aude: an international Masonic forum. Since 2020.04.15 Sapere Aude is an educational response to COVID lockdowns in the world by individual efforts of its host, David Chichinadze. Sapere Aude lectures aim at exploring Freemasonry in all its dimensions including historic, organizational, national, territorial, cultural, and esoteric by hosting world renowned masonic authors, experienced freemasons and key speakers from various fields.


István Horváth

A Mason on two continents and in different languages, István Horváth started his Masonic journey late: only after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, when Freemasonry became legal in the former Eastern Bloc in Europe. Before moving to Canada where he’s settled now in Hamilton, Ontario, he worked as a journalist, and a few years ago he started to write and present lectures about the Craft in English. The Covid years became more prolific than any other time, so he received invitations from many local and international groups and Masonic bodies to present papers researched and written during this period. He is a member of several Masonic research lodges and societies. Besides his keen interest in the Craft, he also blogs in English and Hungarian about public affairs. This is his first book written and published in English.  Read More ..